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West Care Cleaners have been in business for the past ten years, we are a fast growing company initially started off as two partners working in this very competitive industry, not only to make a living but to also set a high standard in the quality of cleaning services. We slowly attained our own employees as the number of contracts grew. Each of our employees have been trained to provide the same type of standard which we, the owners, like to provide to you, our valued clients. We have dedicated cleaners waiting to come on board as our contracts grow, also working closely with select sub-contractors, dedicated to providing the standard of service that West Care Cleaners are renowned for.

We have also developed great work relationships with suppliers in our industry to provide you with consumables at competitive prices and supplies to perform our business at the highest standards.All employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the cleaning services that we provide with OH&S always a priority. To ensure our employees, sub-contractors, clients and general public are always kept safe, we perform general risk management and induction training on all our sites individually.

And to ensure you always get a quality job, we perform various cleaning checklists on each site on a regular basis to identify areas, which may need closer attention and corrected as quickly as possible. Our policy is to provide you with an excellent standard of cleaning with out the hassles of having to chase the cleaner around to get the job cialis generic pills for sale done properly. We also pride ourselves in our work and always do that little bit extra which makes the world of difference and which sets us apart from other companies.

In getting the job done to high quality standards also requires the proper equipment to be used for each particular job. We always stay up to date with new releases in cleaning products and equipment. Our vacuum cleaners have the latest cyclone technology system which increases the surface area which suction is delivered from, hence making the job faster, more efficient and delivering a great result every time. High revolution scrubbers and buffers are used to maintain resilient floor surfaces and colour coded mops and rags are used to deliver the highest hygiene standards at all times. Chemicals are also very important in that the right chemicals are used for the job to ensure excellent cleaning results. Hygiene standards are kept with chemicals of bactericidal and germicidal properties where required.

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Our job is to take care of your cleaning needs be it your home, office, commercial or industrial establishment.


No job is too big or small for us and we take pride in serving everyone that approaches us with our affordable service range.


We maintain close connections with top-of-the-line cleaning product suppliers that provide us consumables that are effective yet safe.


Each one of our services are available on a customized basis to help you get the precise cleaning solution that you are looking for.