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Let us show you a little bit more about our carpet cleaning process., whether you need to use us and how we can be of service in ensuring your carpet is and remains clean.

Is My Carpet Really Dirty?
Many people think of carpet cleaning as something to do every few years, or when you are trying to sell your house. Even then, many people will attempt to do it themselves. Doing a rug cleaning in the outback may require your own efforts at maneuvering the equipment, but a rug cleaning should always be completed by a professional. This is because a DIY cleaning can leave more soap residue, dirt and water in your carpets than when you started.

As it is, your carpets are full of dust, hair, mites, odours, dirt, bacteria, stains, food bits, human oils, freshening powders, pet urine, and possibly mold from moisture. Even if you can’t see it, the dirt is there and if you haven’t cleaned your carpets in over a year, they could actually be considered almost toxic if you have something like allergies or asthma.

Carpet Cleaning Campbelltown Can Save Your Carpets
All carpets need to be cleaned once a year to keep them looking new, and if you have a home full of people and pets it needs to be done every six months or so. This is especially important if you have new carpets – because cleaning them every 12 months will prolong the life of your carpet. This is because any kind of professional carpet cleaning gets out all of the visible dirt and stains that you can see as well as the bacteria and dust that you can’t. Now that you have a fairly good idea of why your carpets need to be cleaned so often, let’s talk about how Carpet Cleaning Campbelltown does it.

Rug cleaning is mainly accomplished by steam cleaning, which is the best method to use, although Carpet Cleaning Campbelltown offers both steam and dry carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning doesn’t actually use steam, but is really a hot water extraction method of getting the dirt out of your carpet. However, many companies don’t prepare the carpet before they clean it and then don’t get all of the water and detergent out of the carpet afterwards. This makes the carpet worse off than it was before they cleaned it because the excess soap will trap dirt into the rug quickly.

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